Mesto Sprayer Chemical Compatibility

Ferrox Plus Sprayer10 1

These charts are designed to help you choose which of our chemically resistant Mesto sprayers can be used with different chemicals or cleaning products. Simply check the list for the chemical then read the corresponding letter against the different sprayers to see compatibility.

By clicking on the sprayer name, you will open a new window that will show the product page where you will be able to see all the product information. If you can't find the answers you need, then you can call us or send us a message via our CONTACT US page.

  • A = Slightly acidic agents (pH 5-7)
  • B = Acid cleaning agents
  • C = Saltpetre, acetic acid & propionic acid up to approximately 10%
  • D = Hydrochloric acid upto approximately 20%
  • E = Phosphoric or sulphuric acid up to approximately 30%
  • F = Peracetic acid up to approximately 15%
  • G = Peracetic acid up to approximately 40%
  • H = Products containing naphta 90-95%
  • I = Strong acidic products (pH 1-4)

  • J = Products containing chlorine
  • K = Disinfectants
  • L = Minerial oils
  • M = Slightly alkaline products (pH 7-9)
  • N = Alkaline cleaning products
  • O = Caustic potash solution & caustic soda up to approximately 20%
  • P = Butanol, isopropanol
  • Q = Ethanol
  • R = Strong alkaline products (pH 10-14)
  • S = Acetone

These guides are intended to assist you with your selection of a sprayer. You should always read the information in the 'usage' section of your sprayer operating manual as well as the information provided by the supplier of the substance to be sprayed.