Exterior Surface Cleaners

Our unique range of professional quality cleaning products give you a flexibility to choose the best cleaning chemical to meet your requirement. Wall cleaning, conservatory cleaning and cleaning facia boards are all easily done with our products as well as many other exterior surfaces and areas.

Our products can clean many different surfaces, so we haven't been able to list them all on the product pages. If you can't see the particular area you are looking for then just call us or send a message via our CONTACT US page and we will help to point you in the right direction.


Strong, quick acting contact cleaner for BLACK SPOT, moss, algae, lichen; removes stains before rinsing. Quantity Discounts

SP-Strip Cement Cleaner

Strong acidic cleaner, suitable for brick and stone surfaces, removes dirt, oil and cement staining.

ECO-Klean 100 - 1 litre

Strong, ecological, desincrustant detergent for the cleaning of buildings and other external surfaces

ProDeck Wood Cleaner

Cleaner for wood, timber and decking to remove greening and algae that can be a slip hazard.

Q-Net 150 Disinfectant

Concentrated disinfectant to deep clean all types of surface including those in contact with food. Makes up to 50 litres per 1 litre.

Sprovit CR - Solar Panel Cleaner

Sprovit CR is a professional cleaner, for solar panels and glass surfaces, in super concentrated form

Batiface ECO

Professional uPVC, conservatory & fascia cleaner. 1 litre covers up to 100m2.


Powerful surface degreaser and cleaner that can be used on building facades and roofs as well as for cleaning spray equipment.

Graffipro AQ

Long lasting surface protection against graffiti and the adherence of stickers & posters

Graffinet DC

Neutral cleaner & stripper of graffiti, markers & glues from most surface types

Graffinet DC 20

Remove graffiti, ink and paint from porous and non-porous surfaces

Graffinet DC 50

Acidic based graffiti & paint remover for porous and non-porous surfaces

Graffinet DC 100

Alkaline based graffiti and paint remover for all types of porous & non-porous surfaces

Netphos 50 Gel - 5kg

Remove rust, passivate and degrease metal without harming the surface material.