Vehicle Cleaners

Welcome to our professional range of vehicle cleaners. We have specialist car body shampoo, car wax, glass cleaner, vehicle screen wash and hub cap cleaner all of the highest quality and designed to save you time and money and allow you the very best in vehicle cleaning chemicals.


Chemical toilet cleaner, anti-septic and deodorant

Carnet Vehicle Wash - Concentrated 5 litres

Carnet is a professional quality vehicle shampoo that includes a bactericide and fungicide

R135 Screen Wash - 5 litres

Concentrated screen wash giving protection in both summer & winter

R132 - Car Wax 5 litres

Concentrated, water repellent wax that can be used on all types of vehicle

R105 - Wheel Trim and Hub Cap Cleaner - 5 litres

Professional cleaner for removing all types of dirt and staining from vehicle wheel trims and hub caps.

Sprovit CR - Solar Panel Cleaner

Sprovit CR is a professional cleaner, for solar panels and glass surfaces, in super concentrated form