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It may sound rather obvious but the easiest way to keep a surface free of moss growth is to stop it from growing.  Don't spend time killing and clearing moss but stop it growing in the first place.

Unfortunately, most of us do like to put things off.  This is especially true with jobs that aren't particularly exciting and sweeping or scraping moss certainly doesn't strike most people as an exciting way to spend their time.  So, what happens?  Areas are left and over time moss spores take up residency and grow, albeit slowly, into lumps of moss, lichen or just greening.  We may feel that it has grown overnight but really we have given the spores all the time, space and food that they need to grow.  However, it needn't be like this.

We have an extensive range of specialist moss killers and surface cleaners, but one of the products is a little more special than the others as it can stop moss from growing.  BATICLEAN CR will kill moss, lichen and greening, so can be used to kill the growth that you may already have, but it will also kill spores.  This means that, when sprayed onto a surface that is not showing any signs of moss, it will kill any spores that are present thus stopping the moss from growing.  Also, as Baticlean CR is pH neutral, it is designed to be left on the surface and not rinsed so it will continue killing spores until nature has completely washed it away.

You will find that a little forward planning will save you a lot of time so plan to spray an area every 6-24 months.  Areas that retain moisture, such as tarmac or shaded areas, will require more frequent applications so maybe every 6-12 months but areas that receive more sunlight may not need an application more than once every 12-24 months.

So, stopping moss can be easy, all you need to do is sweep the area, to remove any debris or dirt, then spray on the Baticlean CR.  This is a simple but very effective way of stopping moss from growing rather than always concentrating on killing and removing it.