Netklean Biodegradable Degreasing Cleaner

1-litre Netklean is a surface cleaner suitable for kitchens and food preparation surfaces

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Netklean is a surface cleaner suitable for kitchens and other food preparation surfaces - for both domestic use, contract cleaning and industrial cleaning.

The surface cleaner works as an efficient descaler as well as cleaning surfaces soiled with grease, atmospheric pollution, pencil marks etc. Its dual function means quick cleaning in one step without requiring a final rinse as it does not leave traces after drying (rinsing is recommended on food surfaces).

Use Netklean for degreasing and cleaning any surface. In industry, usage includes manufacturing areas and storage rooms.

- brings back shine
- lemon scented
- biodegradable
- conforms with regulations suitable for cleaning materials and utensils in contact with food stuff.

On all washable surfaces - tables, worktops, walls, stainless steel, windows, vehicle interiors etc:

Spray the surface, leave up to 30 seconds to act and wipe clean.

In kitchens and on surfaces in contact with food:

Spray or apply with a cloth, leave up to 30 seconds to act and rinse with clean water.

Why should I rinse some surfaces and not others?

Surfaces that are in contact with food should be rinsed with clean water as Netklean is a powerful cleaning product and we recommend not consuming it. There are many surface cleaners, on the market, that users will not bother to rinse. When this is done on surfaces that are in contact with food, traces of the chemical cleaner will be transferred to food and will be consumed if the surface is not rinsed. If you are happy consuming cleaning chemicals, then that is your decision however we always recommend rinsing such surfaces.

What is the dilution rate of Netklean?

Netklean is supplied 'ready to use' so no dilution is required.