Blaster Pro - 1ltr

Herbicide against tough perennial broad leaved weeds in amenity grassland. Also known as Grazon Pro.

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Blaster Pro is a foliar applied herbicide through the use of hand-held spray equipment. Best results are achieved through application onto actively growing plants.

It is the ideal herbicide for difficult to control weeds on all established amenity grasslands including banks, verges and golf course roughs.

Thoroughly wet weeds but do not spray until 'run-off' as this will decrease activity.

  • Ideal for use on difficult to control weeds such nettles, docks and thistles in turf
  • Also controls some woody weeds
  • Apply as 60ml per 10ltrs water
  • 1ltr covers 8,333sqm
  • One treatment per year - March - Sept
  • Contains Triclopyr and Clopyralid and Diflufenican

Take care:

  • Take care to avoid local overdosing
  • Allow 2-3wks after mowing before treatment
  • Do not cut grass for 28days after treatment
  • Do not spray in drought, very hot or very cold weather
  • Do not use treated plant material for composting or mulching
  • Keep livestock off treated areas for at least 7 days
  • All conifers are particularly sensitive to Blaster Pro spray drift