Wire Weed Brush & Handle

Wooden stock with 35mm metal bristles and wooden handle.

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Each £6·50 exc VAT
Total £6·50 exc VAT
Total £7·80 inc VAT

This brush with V shaped filling material is ideal for the removal of moss and weeds within joints and around edges of blocks, brickwork and between patio slabs.

The brush is also perfect for use in other hard to reach areas such as pavements, courtyards and cobbled areas. The long wooden handle allows for ergonomic working without stooping, helping to prevent injury, whilst still making it possible to remove weeds aggressively and precisely.

However if, like me, you have left your patio just a little too long and the weeds have started to take over then I recently used this brush to clean the paved area and bring it back to it patio greatness. I donned a pair of work-gloves, and removed the handle of the broom so I just used the broom head. As my patio was in worse condition than the average, just working with the head meant that I could really work between the joints and work the brush hard. It worked and it worked quickly as I only needed a few swipes per joint and all of the heavy growth was removed. Once cleaned a swept I applied some of our weedkiller, allowed the area to dry and sanded the joints.

These broom heads are not the standard design and quality that you may have seen in many supermarkets and DIY stores. The broom heads have high quality bristles fitted into a solid wooden head that will continue to work for you for many years.

Is the broom supplied fully assembled?

No, the broom head and wooden handle are sent as two separate items. As the photos show, the broom head has a hole to receive the handle which is shaped for you. It may sometimes be necessary to sand the handle for a complete fit as the diameter of these can vary slightly. Once fitted, we recommend putting a small screw through the broom head and into the handle to give a solid fit that will last for many years.