Box Tree Caterpillar Killer Nematodes 100m2

Nematodes, a natural way to attack and kill Box Tree Caterpillars. Safe for humans and pets.

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Our Box Tree Caterpillar Killer nematodes of the Steinernema Carpocapsea species are the most effective answer to this serious pest. The caterpillars will strip the leaves and even bore into the bark of the plants damaging and even killing the plant.

Box tree caterpillars are quite distinctive with blacks stripes and white dots on a green caterpillar. Nematodes are a natural pest control safe for pets and children.

The first step in protecting your plants is to place out Box Tree Caterpillar moth traps to catch and monitor the male moths, the caterpillars will come a few weeks later.

Apply as soon as soon as small caterpillars are observed, ideally be applied in the evenings to minimise the influence of UV light. Spray the plants from bottom to top, making sure the middle of the plant also gets wet, apply plenty of solution onto the leaves and directly onto caterpillars where possible, at least 250-500 mil of nematode solution per square metre. Apply a second application 7 days after the first one, this is to catch any caterpillars not hit during the first application and any new small caterpillars hatched from fresh egg laying.

Box Tree Caterpillar nematodes should be applied with sprayers, including Knapsack or hand held sprayers , removing any filters in them .

PLEASE NOTE - As these are live creatures, they are bred in batches to be as fresh as possible and so your nematodes will be prepared to order and despatched in approx 5 working days depending on demand.

Storage of Nematodes

If you cannot apply immediately, store in the fridge (4 degrees Celsius) and use as soon as possible. Do not freeze. Use before the best by date.

Required Conditions

Do not apply in bright sunshine as nematodes are UV sensitive (evening is ideal).

Application for 100 Square Metre Nematodes Pack

100m2 pack contains 2 sachets of 25 million nematodes. Each 25 million pack treats 35-50m2.
Make sure to stir the bucket before taking out each 0.5 litre concentrate.

Is it easy to apply your Nematodes?

All you need to do is mix the Nematode pack with water and apply to your shrub. Each pack is supplied with easy to follow instructions and all you need is a watering can with a large rose which will allow the Nematode mix to flow.

When is the right time to treat the caterpillar infestation with nematodes?

As soon as you can visibly see the caterpillars is the best time to apply. Nematodes work on contact so getting right into the area with a sprayer directly onto the caterpillars when they are small is the best solution.

Winter caterpillars tend to be larger and harder to treat than 1st generation caterpillars which are a lot smaller. Extra treatments with nematodes may be required if there is a particularly large infestation.

Why are the caterpillars making my box hedge turning yellow?

Caterpillar infestation is unlikely to turn a hedge yellow, however, a large infestation can cause some die back, so if your hedge is turning yellow this is more likely to be another issue, possibly Blight, which is spread by fungal spores.