Box Tree Moth Trap

Box Tree Moth Trap with 2 pheromone lures

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Total £15·30 inc VAT

This trap will capture and kill the adult male moths. This will reduce mating, and therefore egg laying, to control populations.

Box Tree moths are a new insect to Britain, with the first being reported in 2007. They are now found widely across the UK, mainly between April-October. Gardeners will mainly come across the insects as caterpillars and eggs on box plants. The eggs are pale yellow and flat, and lay as sheets on the underside of leaves. Caterpillars are green-yellow with black heads and develop dark stripes as they mature.

Each lure is active for around 6 weeks - replacement lures can be found here. The trap itself can be used for many years. A yellow sticky pad is included to place within the trap to catch the moths so they cannot escape.

Each trap covers around 180m2 and should be placed at least 20m apart. They can be hung next to a box tree at about 0.5-2 metres height.