Chafer Grub Killer Nematodes

Nematodes that attack and kill Chafer grub larvae. Water into the lawn and grass areas to kill the larvae under the surface. A natural pest solution.

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Chafer Grub Killer nematodes are of the species Heterorhabditis bacteriophora that enter and kill the Chafer grub larvae within a few days.

Chafer grubs are a pest of lawn and grass areas that feed off the roots. This causes large lawn areas to turn yellow and attract birds and animals to rip up the grass to eat the grubs.

Nematodes are a natural pest control which require warm soil conditions to be active. This means that they need to be applied in summer/early autumn.

The nematodes are supplied in a gel formulation which keeps them of high quality in storage and delivery. Suitable for storage in the fridge for up to 6 weeks if unopened.

PLEASE NOTE - As these are live creatures, they are bred in batches to be as fresh as possible and so your nematodes will be prepared to order and despatched in approx 5 working days depending on demand.

Chafer Grub Killer can be applied with a watering can, Hose end feeder, knapsack sprayer or larger spraying equipment. Ensure that the lawn is moist at the time of application and the nematodes are applied with plenty of water.

More than one application may be required for heavy infestations. Strong sunlight needs to be avoided as nematodes are UV sensitive.

Storage of Nematodes

If you cannot apply immediately, store in the fridge (4 degrees Celsius) and use as soon as possible. Do not freeze. Use before the best by date.

Required Conditions

Soil temperature must be above 12 degrees Celsius.
Results will be better if the lawn has been scarified and tined before application.
Do not apply in bright sunshine as nematodes are UV sensitive (evening is ideal).

Before Application

Scarify and tine the lawn if possible.
Ensure the lawn is watered and moist before applying nematodes.

Application for 100 Square Metre Nematodes Pack

Add nematodes to 5 litres of water creating a working concentrate.
Stir thoroughly to break up any lumps.
Add 0.5 litres of the concentrate to an 8 litre watering can and fill with clean water.
Using a course rose, apply to 10 square metres of soil.
100m2 pack will fill 10 watering cans to treat a total area of 100 square metres.
Make sure to stir the bucket before taking out each 0.5 litre concentrate.

Next Steps

Continue to keep the lawn moist for 2 weeks after application.
Repeat applications may be required for severe infestations.

We always welcome feedback from our customers

How long do the Nematodes take to work as I have to lay new turf?

Nematodes are a natural option for killing the larvae therefore, whilst very effective, you do have to allow time for the Nematodes to work. This means that you should allow a minimum of 2 weeks, after application, before laying new turf.

Is it easy to apply your Nematodes?

All you need to do is mix the Nematode pack with water and apply to your lawn. Each pack is supplied with easy to follow instructions and all you need is a watering can with a large rose which will allow the Nematode mix to flow.