Chafer Grub Killer - Cold Weather

Tri-component biological control for use in colder weather that includes a wetting agent.

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There has been a supply issue with these nematodes due to a border issue. Please order our normal nematodes instead - here

This is a highly effective chafer grub control that can be used at temperatures as low as 8°C making it the most effective and versatile product available.

It is a blend of 2 types of nematodes (Heterorhabditis bacteriophora and Steinernema feltiae) and is packed with a biocompatible wetting agent which also improves the soil condition to facilitate nematode dispersal through the soil. This unique natural formulation ensures maximum dispersal of ineffective nematodes within the soil leaving no harmful residue.

It can therefore be effective against the following pests:

- Welsh chafer (Hoplia philanthus)
- Summer chafer (Amphimallon solstitiale)
- Garden chafer (Phylloperta horticola)
- Cockchafer/Maybug (Melolontha melolontha)

Please note that neither the 500m2 or 1000m2 packs include a wetting agent so this will need to be purchased separately (see accessories above) however the wetting agent is included with the 100m2 packs.

The packs should be stored in a refrigerator at a temperature between 5-10°C. Do not expose to temperatures lower than 0°C or higher than 30°C and use before the expiry date and within 8-10 weeks of arrival as the packs contain living beneficial nematodes.

Nematodes are susceptible to ultra violet light and desiccation (very dry conditions) so apply during early morning or late evening when moisture is at its highest. Avoid application in bright sunlight. Apply when you expect the soil temperature to be over 10°C for at least 3 hours per day which is generally from March to October.

Add both the nematodes blend and the wetting agent together to a 10-litre bucket of water to make a concentrated solution. Stir well and constantly. Take 1-litre of the concentrated solution, add to a watering can and top up with 9-litres of water. Apply to soil and apply additional water to wash into the soil. Keep the soil moist for approximately 2 weeks.

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