Chafer Trap

Trap baited with attractant for capturing garden chafers on lawns, rose bushes, turf and trees

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This is a highly researched and developed trap for the capture of garden chafer and will attract the chafers from a surface area of approximately 100m2. The trap is supplied with a baiting liquid composed from naturally occurring plant essences that are very attractive for the garden chafer.

The trap should be used when you have noticed the first signs of chafer beetles and continued until the beetles disappear which is usually late July. Normally, chafer beetles appear around the end of May but this varies with temperature.

From mid-July until the end of September, when you may notice the flight of the chafers, your lawn should be treated with our chafer nematodes.

  • On Lawns

Position that trap directly on the surface of the lawn. To maintain its upright position it is advisable to use the included cable binder to attach the trap to a stick or small pole. Alternatively, the trap can be kept from falling over by inserting a stone or any other heavy object into the trapping bottle.

  • Trees & Bushes

The trap should be positioned at a height between 50-150cm above ground level. It is advisable to position the trap a few metres away from the trees or bushes in order to avoid the coincidental attraction of stray beetles. However, the trap must positioned close enough that the smell from the attractant can still disperse over the trees and bushes.

  • On Turf

Position the trap in an upright position directly on the ground. Fix the trap to a stick with cable binders to ensure it does not fall over.

  • On Rose Bushes

Attach the trap to a branch within the bush.

Pack Contents

  • Green trapping bottle
  • Green trapping funnel
  • Transparent funnel insert
  • Bottle of baiting liquid
  • Dosing cap
  • 2 x yellow fins & one cable binder

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What is the best place to set this trap?

Where you decide to set the trap really depends upon your grassed area. As long as it is set no higher than 1.5-metres above the grass then the trap will attract the chafer beetles. If setting it on the ground then you need to be careful that the trap isn't going to fall or be knocked over so placing a weight in the trap bottle or attaching it to a stick/pole is advisable. The trap can also hang from a low branch but remember the maximum height.

Why is 1.5-metres a maximum height?

The chafer beetles will only fly to a maximum height of 1.5-metres so, if your trap is set higher than this, the beetles will not be able to fly high enough to reach the trap.

You have two chafer traps. Which is the best one?

Firstly you have to position the trap in a correct place otherwise no trap will be effective. This trap is designed to reduce the number of insects trapped by mistake and is a more robust trap. The attractant, for this trap, is very effective and has been extensively tested, it is also made from natural ingredients.