Compression Alkaline Sprayer - 1 litre

This IK sprayer is designed for alkaline & pH neutral chemical solutions

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Our 1 litre hand compression sprayer can be used with aggressive alkaline chemicals, as well as general products around the home, garden and industrial areas.

This robust and sturdy product is ideal for use with strong chemicals such as alkalines, solvents and weak acids (although not hydrocarbons or oils). The sprayer has been specifically designed with the operator in mind. As well as being simple to fill, due to the wide filling mouth, it has a protective cover for the chamber valve and a 2.5 bar safety valve allowing fast build up and release of pressure. This sprayer is also supplied with two nozzles, one flat and the other cone shaped, ensuring the correct application for your liquids.

  • All plastic parts and 'O' rings are resistant to alkaline, alcohol and acetone substances and most chemicals used in the world
  • Safety valve at 2.5 bar with depressurisation option.
  • Large filling mouth.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Strong translucent tank with level indicator.
  • Protective sleeve for chamber valve.
  • Easy assembly and dismantling for maintenance, without tools.
  • Adjustable conic nozzle.
  • Possible adaptation to other types of nozzles and accessories.

Total capacity litres: 1.50 litres. - 0.39 U.S. Gals.

Working capacity: 1 litre. - 0.26 U.S. Gals.

LITRES/MIN. 3 BAR: 0.50 l/min. - 1 pint/min.

Gross weight: 0.60 Kg - 1.32 lbs.

Net weight: 0.46 Kg - 1.02 lbs.

"Awesome service....Awesome products!!" S. Knight, Coventry

  • We recommend depressurising and cleaning the sprayer after each use
  • If the nozzle becomes blocked, clean with water and do not use metallic objects
  • If the filter of the handle is clogged, remove and clean with water
  • Store under cover and avoid extreme temperatures (5-30oC)
  • To prolong the life of the seals, we recommend regularly applying grease to moving parts
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