Constant Spray Flow Valve 2 BAR

For all of our Mesto compression and knapsack sprayers. Maintain a constant 2bar spray to increase spray times and maximise chemical efficiency.

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Total £28·20 inc VAT

This flow valve can be fitted to all of our Mesto compression and knapsack sprayers. It allows you to spray at exactly 2bar (29 psi). The valve does not restrict the maximum pressure for your sprayer (3bar or 6bar), it will only restrict the maximum discharge pressure to 2bar. This can be required by some chemicals to maximise their effectiveness by altering the droplet size. The capped discharge pressure will also greatly enhance the amount of time that you can spray before having to re-pressurise the sprayer tank saving you time and effort.

The valve can be easily fitted to your sprayer and removed when you don't want the discharge pressure capped. Also, if you already have a Mesto sprayer, then this valve can be fitted to it.

These valves can be used with most types of non-corrosive liquids including fungicides, herbicides, moss killers, surface protection, surface cleaning and agricultural solutions.

In addition to this 2bar valve, we also have 1bar and 1.5bar valves to complete the range.

I would like a 6bar sprayer, can I still use this valve?

You can use this valve with any of our Mesto sprayers so either the 3bar or 6bar models. It doesn't restrict the pressure of your tank only the discharge pressure. This means that a 6bar sprayer can still be pressurised to its recommended maximum but, when you spray, the discharge will be restricted to 2bar.

Can I remove the valve?

The valve is easily fitted and removed. If you want to spray at higher pressure then simply remove the valve and fit it when you want to spray at 2bar.

Why would I want to restrict my spray pressure?

Three reasons; firstly you may find that a reduced pressure gives a better droplet size, secondly it may be recommended to use a particular product at 2bar or thirdly you may want to increase the time that you can spray before you have to re-pressurise your sprayer.

Do you have alternative valves?

Yes, in addition to this 2bar valve we have the 1bar and 1.5bar valves all of which work in the same way and are easily fitted to your sprayer.