Cytrol Forte - Insect Control Powder

Cytrol Forte is a high strength insecticide for the control of crawling and nesting, flying insects

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Cytrol Forte is a high strength insecticide powder, containing the powerful pyrethroid cypermethrin that can be mixed with water for easy use.

Ideal for use on highly absorbent surfaces such as brick, mud or some wood to rid the surface of crawling or flying/resting insects.

It is also perfect for use on difficult surfaces such as where providing a long lasting deterrent quality is needed. After use do not rinse but leave on the surface for further protection.

Unlike other wettable powders Cytrol Forte does not stain the treated surface.

Contains: Cypermethrin 40.0% w/w.
Control: General crawling insects, resting flying insects.
Application: Compression sprayer. Standard dilution for Cytrol Forte WP is 10g in 5 litres of water.