E2 PRO Fertiliser 10L

Liquid fertiliser with superior efficacy and fast-acting penetrative properties for quick relief of nutrient deficiency symptoms.

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E2 PRO is a slow release nitrogen liquid fertiliser with a high rate of potassium and zero phosphate. It contains a mixture of urea and methylene urea nitrogen for a quick response and longevity.

E2 PRO is manufactured using high grade inorganic salts with very few impurities. This means that a relatively small amount of product is required to achieve the same result as unformulated products. It also allows a long-term storage and stability.

E2 PRO LIQUID 18-0-15

  • Formulation = liquid
  • Product longevity - 4-8wks
  • Application rate - 30-120l/ha
  • Water rate - 300-1000l/ha
  • Product use - Feb-Nov