Ferromex - 20ltrs

High performance with ease of use. Liquid moss killer for control of all types of moss and algae on lawns and grassed surfaces.

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Ferromex is a fully licenced moss killer, for grassed areas, made from stabilised iron salts. It is safe to use due to the non-oxidising properties and low scorch potential. There is reduced chance of foot travel and unwanted sward marking as it is rain fast when dry.

Ferromex is easy to both mix and apply and it will remove all moss within 7-10 days of application. We recommend using Ferromex in tandem with maintaining the grassed area and improving drainage, aeration, soil fertility and/or the reduction of shade for optimum long term control.

Application is best through a sprayer and we recommend using a spray hood to reduce drift to areas where it is not wanted. Any type of sprayer can be used however, for larger areas we recommend using a backpack sprayer with a spray hood for areas near paths and other plants and a multi nozzle spray boom for all other areas that will greatly reduce your spraying time. To help we have included some spraying options within the above accessories.

Ferromex is suitable for use on professional sports turf and a wide range of amenity situations such as sports pitches, bowling greens and parkland.

  • 20ltr pack covers 1,334sqm
  • Water Rate: 500 – 1,000 L/ha
  • Application Rate : 150 L/ha
  • Application Rate: 150 ml in at least 500ml of water covers 10m2

  • Thorough wetting of moss is essential
  • Do not apply more than 3 times per year

Take care:

  • Mow grass 3 days prior to application
  • Do not cut grass until 4 days after treating
  • Spray when conditions are calm & dry
  • Remember to rake out dead moss from turf 7-14 days after treatment
  • Avoid drift onto neighbouring plants
  • May discolour paving/concrete so rinse any spills immediately
  • Do not walk on treated areas until dry, when dried Ferromax is fixed to prevent the solution travelling.

How long will it be before Ferromex takes effect?

Ferromex removes even the heaviest moss coverage after 7-10 days. After the product has dried on the grass Ferromax is fixed to prevent the solution travelling to places it is not needed.

How often do I ned to apply Freeomex?

Do not apply Ferromex more than 3 times a year.