Flatline - 1ltr

Selective herbicide against broad leafed weeds in amenity turf and amenity grassland.

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Flatline is a recent generation selective herbicide and can be used on many managed properties, such as pitches, golf courses, roadside verges and airfields. It is suitable for use on newly sown turf (from two leaf stage). The product distributes throughout the full plant, as it is taken up through both the roots and foliage, allowing activity on many tough broad leafed weeds.

Flatline controls a wide range of broad-leaved weeds found in amenity turfgrass and professional lawncare. Flatline combines florasulam and fluroxypyr to create a highly effective selective herbicide that can be used to control a wide range of weeds, including species that can be difficult to control such as yarrow, daisy and slender speedwell. Flatline can be used on managed amenity turf and amenity grassland including golf courses, sports pitches, racecourses and lawns. It can also be used on roadside verges, embankments and airfields.

The two active ingredients contained in Flatline act on the growth processes of susceptible plants. Fluroxypyr mimics the plant’s growth hormones and disrupts the growth control mechanisms causing stem twisting, leaf curling, necrosis and eventual death of the plant. In contrast, florasulam inhibits a specific enzyme system (acetolactate synthase) essential to the health of susceptible species, causing dramatic growth retardation that ultimately kills the plant. Both active ingredients enter via the foliage but florasulam can also gain access through the root system, thus ensuring complete distribution to all parts of the plant.The different weed susceptibilities of these two active ingredients compliment one another to provide a broad range of control, including many of the difficult species that other products leave behind.

  • Apply as 2L/Ha
  • Water rate: 200L/Ha
  • Optimum use Apr - Sept


• Common Daisy
• Common Dandelion
• Common Mouse-ear
• Creeping Buttercup
• White Clover
• Slender Speedwell
• Ribwort Plaintain*
• Bird’s-foot-trefoil*
• Yarrow*

*moderate control

Trials have shown good control of the problem weed Yellow Suckling Clover.

Spray Equipment:
Apply Flatline through tractor-mounted or knapsack sprayers using nozzles that provide a MEDIUM spray quality as defined by the BCPC system.

Mixing Instructions:
Half fill the spray tank with water. Turn on agitation system or agitate manually during mixing. Add the required quantity of Flatline to the tank and top up with the remaining water using some of this to rinse the empty container(s), if appropriate, adding the rinsings to the diluted spray mix.