Graffipro AQ

Long lasting surface protection against graffiti and the adherence of stickers & posters

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Graffipro AQ is a silicone free complex of synthetic resins which gives a colourless protective film that resists water and bad weather. Graffipro AQ can be applied on most types of surface including concrete, cement mixtures, stone, brick, block, resistant paints etc ...

Graffipro AQ prevents the pigments and solvents, contained in spray paint, forming a permanence as well as as the adhesion of stickers and posters. It also has the advantage of protecting the treated surfaces against the solvents held within the paint or adhesive.

What does all of the mean? If someone sprays graffiti, sticks a poster or writes with a permanent marker onto a treated surface then you will be able to remove it with much less effort than if the wall was not treated.

We recommend mixing the product prior to use which is easily done by either shaking the container or stirring the contents for a few moments to ensure there is no separation of the Graffipro AQ which can happen whilst the container is in storage. Once this is done, and you have prepared your surface, then you are ready to start application. The viscosity of Graffipro AQ makes it an easy product to apply and very user friendly so application is easy and not time consuming.

Once dry, the Graffipro AQ is colourless so does not change the normal look or appearance of the surface.

Graffipro AQ maintains its function for up to 5 years.

  • Appearance: Viscous liquid
  • Colour: Off-white
  • Density: 1.00-1.02
  • Solubility: Total in water
  • Flammability: Non flammable
  • pH: 8.5
  • Before the application of Graffipro AQ, surfaces must be clean and free of dust.
  • We recommended mixing/stirring the product prior to application.
  • Graffipro AQ is applied by brush or roller. Apply at least two crossed layers.
  • Do not apply on hot surfaces or at temperatures below temperatures below 5 ° C
  • Effective protection of the surface is obtained after a polymerisation time of about 48 hours.

  • The cleaning should be carried out with a hot alkaline water solution.
  • If, after cleaning, some graffiti persists use Graffinet DC cleaner.
  • After cleaning it is necessary to apply one coat of Graffipro AQ to the cleaned area.
  • Posters and most stickers should come off without intervention.
  • The equipment used to apply the Graffipro AQ is cleaned with water.
  • Coverage for porous surfaces is 4-6m2 per kilo.
  • Coverage for non-porous surfaces is 6-12m2 per kilo.

What does a wall look like after it has been treated with Graffipro AQ?

You will not notice any major difference once a surface has been treated. Graffipro AQ dries clear so there is no particular colour change to worry about. If only part of a surface has been treated then, under some light conditions, you may see a very, very slight difference between the treated and untreated areas but it for this reason that we recommend treating the whole of a surface or at least taking a treatment to a natural break such as a door, window or brick pier.

What is the rate of coverage?

Coverage depends upon the porosity of the surface and how the Graffipro AQ is being applied. Before you undertake any application you should brush the surface to ensure any loose material and dust is removed as this will make the application much more efficient.

Application is best undertaken with either a brush or roller that are best suited to the surface and at least two crossed layers to ensure total coverage.

As a guide the coverage for porous surfaces is an average of between 4 - 6m2 per litre and 6 - 12m2 per litre for non-porous.

How do I clean graffiti from a treated wall?

The most effective way to remove graffiti is with an alkaline water solution and the warmer the better. This should be applied to the graffiti with a brush or pressure washer. If using a brush then you will need to keep the area wet for a short period of time whilst brushing the surface.

Once the cleaning is complete you will need to re-apply Graffipro AQ.

For an alkaline solution, we recommend using our SP260, which should be mixed with the water and applied to the surface.

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