Grazon Pro - 1ltr

Selective weed killer for spot spraying perennial broad leaved weeds on amenity turf, paddocks and pasture.

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Grazon Pro is a strong weed killer against plants such as dandelion, daisy, thistle and common nettle, without killing grass. Long term control is ensured as the product kills the root but it is recommended to young and actively growing plants.

Thoroughly wet weeds but do not apply to the point of run-off.

  • Optimum use Apr - Oct
  • One treatment per year
  • Apply to dry leaves
  • Apply as 60ml to 10ltrs water
  • Rainfast in 2hrs

Take care:

  • Do not apply if rain is forecast
  • Keep livestock off treated area for at least 7 days until plants are unpalatable
  • Keep off treated area for at least 2hrs until spray has dried
  • Do not cut grass until 28 days after treating
  • Do not spray in drought, very hot or very cold weather
  • Only use on pasture well established for at least one year
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