Horse Chestnut Leafminer Trap

Trap for Horse Chestnut Leafminer Moths with 3 pheromone lures

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Targeted pheromone lure attracts the male horse chestnut leafminers and causes them to be trapped. This is to reduce mating and egg laying in the population.

Horse Chestnut Leafminer Moths were first found in Britain in 2002-3 and are spreading North. Moths can lay up to 300 eggs. The moth larvae damage the leaves of the horse chestnut tree, causing them to become white and dry out. The leaves then become brown and drop off. The trees are then more vulnerable to further pathogens.

Each lure lasts for around 6 weeks - replacement lures can be found here.

Traps are most effective April - August. Hang one trap per tree. Each trap can catch up to hundreds of moths.