IK Multi 6 - Compression Sprayer

IK Multi compression sprayer with 6 litre polypropylene tank and a 4 litre working liquid capacity.

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IK Multi compression sprayers have been developed to be used in a wide range of areas, from the home & garden through to industrial and construction applications.

The unique design, high manufacturing standards and construction materials makes this compression sprayer one of the very few on the market that can withstand both acidic and certain mild alkaline chemical products. This is because the main storage tank is made from polypropylene and the seals from Viton. This sprayer also has a special designed carry strap. In addition to the 0.58m lance, this unit can be fitted with an additional 0.5 metre extension lance as well as our telescopic lance.

Our sprayer is supplied with the carry strap and 0.58 metre spray lance and a metal handle, giving you a more robust unit, as well as the following extras:

  • Set of Nozzles

Adjustable conical nozzle - Allows the spray to soak to a greater level thus saving time and chemicals.

Fan nozzle - Gives a greater uniformity of droplet size. We recommend using this nozzle when spraying surface coatings.

  • Two Hoses

Black - Used with all types of oils, fuels and all types of alkaline products as well as solvents & organic substances.

Grey - For all types of acidic products.

Within our IK range of sprayers we can also offer the IK Multi Knapsack Sprayer - 12 litre with a 12 litre working capacity and the IK Multi 12 - Compression Sprayer that has an 8 litre liquid working capacity.

In addition to all of this our sprayer is supplied with a three-year guarantee.

  • Working pressure - 3 bar
  • Lance length - 58cm, plastic
  • Unit weight - 1.72kg
  • Working capacity - 4 litres
  • Seals - Viton (acid resistance & some mild alkaline resistance)
  • Connector required for telescopic lance - No

If I don't need a separate connector then how do I connect to one of your long telescopic lances to this compression sprayer?

The IK Multi range of sprayers will connect directly to both our 3.2-meter and 5.4-meter telescopic lances. Connection is very easy, simply unscrew the tank hose from the spraying handle (also known as the pressure lever) and screw it into the threaded connector on the telescopic lance. It is as simple as that and shouldn't take any longer than a few seconds to do however, please make sure that the hose is not full of liquid or the tank pressurised when you disconnect the hose from the spraying handle or you could get very wet.

Why is the tank size different from the working capacity?

With compression sprayers you must have room, within the tank, to pressurise air which will then push the liquid out of the tank. Therefore there is a difference. This sprayer has a 6-litre tank but we recommend a maximum fill of 4 litres which gives 2 litres of air which you can pressurise. The more pressurised air there is within the tank then the longer spray time between stopping and re-pressurising the tank. Be careful when buying sprayers as you need to know the fill volume/capacity not the tank size. This is a 4-litre capacity with a 6 litre tank size.

How do I connect this sprayer to your 3.2-metre telescopic lance?

All you need to do is disconnect the hose from the spray handle and connect it to the telescopic lance. As this is a compression sprayer you will need to attach the grey adaptor (supplied with the telescopic lance) to the telescopic lance first and the hose connects to this adaptor.

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