IK Food Sprayer - 1 litre

Specifically manufactured with materials designed to be fully compatible with all types of food and to withstand temperatures of up to 60ºC.

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The IK Food Sprayer is specifically manufactured with materials designed to be fully compatible for contact with all types of food, even at high temperature such as oils. Food certification pursuant to prevailing laws and regulations CE.

This sprayer is suitable for use in hospitality, confectionery, bakery and food processing. It is appropriate for spraying all forms of liquid used within the kitchen or even in situ such as at exterior events and for barbecues. Ideal for basting.

Examples of use for spraying: water, oil, vinegar, milk, brine, melted butter, caramel, syrup, egg. Use the fan nozzle for oils and more viscous substances. May be used to spray hot liquids - 60ºC maximum. Seals and materials compatible for food contact. 3.5 bar safety valve. Large filling aperture. Ergonomic design. Strong translucent tank with level indicator. Protective sleeve for valve chamber. Easy assembly and disassembly for maintenance. Adjustable cone nozzle and fan nozzle included.

Option of fitting other nozzles and accessories.

  • Tank volume - 1.5 litre
  • Tank maximum fill - 1 litre
  • Sprayer weight - 600g
  • Maximum working pressure - 3.5 bar
  • Flow rate - 0.5 litres/min
  • Maximum temperature - 60oC
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