IK Multi Knapsack Sprayer - 12 litre

IK Multi Chemical Resistant Backpack Sprayer has a 12 litre tank capacity. For use with acidic, neutral or mild alkaline chemicals.

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Our backpack sprayers are designed for maximum strength, ease of use, comfort and flexibility. This IK Multi sprayer has a high strength polypropylene tank providing excellent chemical resistance, so that most types of chemical products can be used within a single sprayer.

This knapsack sprayer has a 12 litre capacity and is both easy to assemble and comfortable to wear. The pump handle can be mounted on either side of the tank allowing for ease of use by either left or right-handed operators. It has a moulded carry handle and adjustable, anti corrosive non-slip straps as well as a mechanical agitator within the tank. This ensures that the contents are always mixed so that no separation can take place during the spraying process. The spray lance is made from fibreglass so is both strong and light and we only use Viton seals which are both chemical resistant and long lasting. This knapsack sprayer is also supplied with a metal spray lever (as opposed to plastic that are generally supplied with this type of unit) providing greater strength. All plastic parts and washers are resistant to most acids and solvents, as well as chemical agents widely used in the world of industry, automotive and professional cleaning.

A full operators manual is supplied with each unit.

  • Working capacity - 12.8 litres
  • Working pressure - 3 bar
  • Unit weight - 3.5 kg
  • Connector required for telescopic lance - No
  • Seals - Viton
  • Output @ 3bar - 0.5 litres
  • Internal tank agitator - Yes
  • Tank material - Polypropylene

To start the review of this knapsack sprayer, I thought that I would quote a paragraph from the instruction manual: ‘The sprayer is made from highly resistant materials so as to be used with different chemicals for dust protection cleaning, disinfecting, degreasing, stripping, cleaning swimming pools, with 15-20% diluted acid, and for many other purposes. Adjustable nozzle. Adaptor for accessories. Directional lance. Metal Handle. Filter in lance. Hose with nuts without clamps. Supplied with a full set of Viton seals. Strong polypropylene tank with contents indicator and instructions for use. Visible filling level. Lance fastener. Right-angle chamber elbow. Chamber locking cover with sealing gasket. Highly resistant chamber. Stainless steel ball in valve and sleeve. Tank cover with non-drip valve. Carrying handle. Large filling filter with indicator of contents. Hook directed, adjustable, anticorrosive and non-slip straps. Mechanical agitator. Can be used with either the left or right hand. Can be fitted with a 50cm extension. Set of interchangeable nozzles and hose.’

I have written several reviews for our range of sprayers but this is the first time that I have quoted (or copied) anything directly from the instruction manual. I decided to do it this time as, if we excuse the poor English, it really says everything that we need to know. Well almost everything.....

This is a 12-litre knapsack sprayer and, upon opening the box, comes pretty much assembled for you. All that is required is to decide which hose you want to use and connect it to the sprayer and handle. That’s it. It took me around a minute from opening the box to having the sprayer fully assembled. I mentioned that you needed to decide which hose that you required, this is because the sprayer is supplied with a choice of two. The grey hose is for use with all types of chemicals except oils and fuel, for which you should use the black hose. There is also a choice of nozzles with either hollow cone or fan depending upon what you are using the sprayer for.

Putting the sprayer on is easy enough especially if you put it on a table and fit it from there. It just means that you have less distance to lift the tank and swing it onto your back. Straps are quite easy once you remember that one is fitted to the base of the tank and the other just hooks on to the bottom of the tank. This means that you pass your arm through the fitted strap, lift the tank, and the other strap is then passed over your shoulder and hooked on. Both straps are then pulled tight. To remove the tank, just unhook the strap and the tank can be easily removed.

I found this to be a very comfortable and effective sprayer to use. It feels good on your back and everything, I thought, had a good feel. It is easy to see that it has been made with the professional market in mind. The selection of hoses and nozzles give a wide range of use and the polypropylene tank and viton seals mean that the sprayer is just a comfortable with a mild acid or alkaline product. I would have no hesitation recommending this sprayer to either a professional or amateur user

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