IK Constru Plus - 5 litre

Compression sprayer for use with mild acid, oil, fuels and many other chemicals. Ideal for the construction industry and the application of related products in the home.

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This 5 litre compression sprayer has been developed to be used in a wide range of areas from home & garden, industrial and construction.

The high manufacturing standards, special design and construction materials make this compression sprayer one of the very few on the market that can withstand both acidic and alkaline chemicals, as the main storage tank is made from polypropylene and the seals from viton.

Our sprayer is supplied with a carry strap and 0.42-metre spray lance as well as the following extras:

  • Set of Nozzles (adjustable conical, disc & fan) Adjustable conical - Allows the spray to soak into the application to a greater level thus saving time and product. Disc - Allows for finer spraying (smaller droplets) especially good when spraying timer surfaces Fan - Gives a greater uniformity of droplet size. We recommend using this nozzle when spraying surface coatings.
  • Two Hoses Black - Used with all types of oils, fuels and all types of alkaline products as well as solvents & organic substances. Grey - For all types of acidic products.
  • 0.42m Extension Lance Allow you greater reach when spraying.
  • 0.25m Flexible Extension Tube Not all surfaces are flat so this allows you greater access to more difficult to reach areas.
  • Tank working capacity - 5 litres
  • Total tank capacity -
  • Seals - FPM - Synthetic rubber with high elasticity properties which makes it a very good product for the protection of seals and O-rings. FPM seals are are highly resistant to hydrocarbons, oils, strong acids, aromatic and chlorinated solvents and has a high temperature resistance.

The Constru Plus 7 compression sprayer has a 5-litre working capacity tank and a 3 BAR maximum spraying pressure.

The sprayer is packaged in a printed cardboard box with plenty of informative photos and basic information regarding sprayer usage and box contents. The box could possibly be a little stronger but seems perfectly ample to both hold and give protection to the sprayer.

Upon opening the box, I found everything to be nicely packed with a sealed bag containing hoses, shoulder strap and spare nozzle placed over the top of the sprayer. I removed this bag and removed the loose items that were packed around the sprayer tank; another plastic bag containing nozzles and two lances, instruction booklet, a third sprayer lance and finally the lever handle. The instruction manual seems to give all the information required, including an exploded diagram giving part numbers should you require any replacement parts. There is also plenty of information telling you how to set up the sprayer which is given in four, easy to follow, steps. There is also maintenance information and some legal bits and pieces.

After reading through the four ‘set up’ steps I found putting the sprayer together to be very easy as all that you really do is connect the hose to the base of the tank then to the lever handle. The lances then join the lever handle and you are ready to spray. The Constru Plus has two rigid lances which can give you a maximum length of around 700mm and a third ‘flexible’ lance that gives you the ability to spray at angles meaning that you could spray on top of items or around corners. This is one of the really very good things with this sprayer and another is that you have a separate hose for acidic products and for oils or fuels. This is good as it allows you to safely use the sprayer with a wide range of chemicals.

Once everything was assembled I was ready to start spraying so I placed the tank on the floor and turned the tank handle anticlockwise and after a few turns pulled the central housing from the tank which allowed me to start filling. The design incorporates a nice wide filling neck so spillages should be easy to keep to a minimum. I managed to fill the tank with no issues, replaced the housing and gently tightened it. I pumped the tank handle around 20 times to bring it to full pressure and spraying was just as I would expect; a nice spray pattern was easily maintained. To release the pressure within the tank simply pull the small, black pressure release valve.

Fully draining the tank was easy as the hose is attached at the base so, if you wish, you can simply unscrew the hose and the tank will fully drain. I would only do this to empty the smallest amount as to empty the tank normally you should remove the central housing (as you did when filling) and pour out the tank contents.

I feel that the Constru Plus is an extremely good option when you are deciding which sprayer you should buy and has obviously been made with the construction industry in mind. The tank size and shape make it able to withstand some serious ‘rough handling’ and the hose option and range of lances including the flexible lance give the user many spraying options.

Why are there two different hoses with this sprayer?

Our 'Constru Plus' sprayer is designed to be used with a wide variety of different solutions and the accessories that are supplied reflect this. The two hoses allow you to spray a wide variety of different solutions without causing internal damage therefore, by using the right hose, you will be able to spray with confidence that you are not causing damage to your sprayer and that it will last for many years to come.

Why do some of your sprayers need a connector for your long telescopic lances and some don't?

It just depends on the thread or type of sprayer. If we say that a connector is required for our telescopic lances then you have a choice of either our Sprayer Connecting Tube or the Flexible Connecting Hose for which you have a choice of lengths. They are both quick and easy to connect and mean that all of the sprayers within our range can be used with the 3.2 metre or 5.4 metre telescopic lances.

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