IK Inox Compression Sprayer - 6 litre

Stainless steel sprayer with a 6 BAR maximum working pressure

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Each £142·00 exc VAT
Total £142·00 exc VAT
Total £170·40 inc VAT

Our IK INOX Stainless Steel compression sprayers have been manufactured with maximum resistance materials to be used with mineral and vegetable oils, curing agents and neutral cleaners. Can be similarly used with hydrocarbon based solvents, lubricants and petroleum derivatives but are not suitable for acids.


- Seals and materials resistant to mineral and vegetable, curing agents and neutral cleaners
- Innovative and ergonomic design
- Stable base with feet brackets to reduce possibility of tank tipping whist filling
- Location for spray lance which also serves as a handhold or holding bar when emptying the tank
- Hanging position for the compression chamber during filling
- Stainless steel handle and lance
- Maximum working pressure 6 bar

- Adjustable cone nozzle and standard elbow with fan nozzle

- Carrying straps for overshoulder transport.

- Option of working at pressures up to 6 bar. Greater range and possibility of spraying dense liquids.
- Option of spraying hot liquids.
- Superior resistance as regards solvents and petroleum derivatives.

* Construction(concrete release agents, waterproofing agents, curing
agents etc.)
* Professional cleaning (sanitary areas, graffiti, floors).
* Pest control.

We also have our IK Inox Compression Sprayer - 10 litre which is the 10 litre model of this 6 litre sprayer.

There is also a Transport Trolley for this sprayer which makes moving the tank and standing the tank easier than it already is.

  • Total tank capacity - 9 litres
  • Tank working capacity - 6 litres
  • Stainless Steel tank
  • Sprayer weight - 4.4 kg
  • Flow rate - 1.13 litres/min @ 6bar
  • Maximum working pressure - 6 bar

Why would I use a metal or stainless steel sprayer as they are more expensive than plastic ones?

The metal and stainless steel tanks are stronger than the plastic tanks. This means that they will not only put up with more abuse but they can also be pressurised up to 6 bar as opposed to the 3 bar with the plastic tanks. They can also handle heat meaning that you can spray heated solutions.

What is the difference between the stainless steel and metal sprayers?

The metal sprayers are made from steel with an anti corrosive coating. They are not suitable for use with aggressive liquids and, in some situations, heavy denting could cause damage to the internal coating which will eventually lead to corrosion.

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