Telescopic Lance Connector

Allows in-line connection of your Mesto sprayer to our 5.4-metre or 3.2-metre telescopic lances

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Each £9·50 exc VAT
Total £9·50 exc VAT
Total £11·40 inc VAT

This connector allows you to join the sprayer flow valve handle directly to either the 5.4-metre or 3.2-metre telescopic lances.

Simply unscrew the flow valve handle by turning in an anti-clockwise direction, join it to the connector then join the connector to the telescopic lance. This connector is easier to use than our Connecting Hose and means that you are joining the tank hose to the telescopic lance rather than the lance being connected to the flow valve.

This connector is to be used with our Mesto range of sprayers however it can't be used with the following units:

  • 1 or 1.5-litre hand sprayers
  • Foaming Sprayers