Insect and Wasp Nest Powder 4KG

Fast acting insecticidal powder for the knockdown and killing of wasps, ants, moths and all other types of crawling insects. Suitable for treating wasp nests along with our powder sprayers.

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Our Vulcan P5 DP is a very fast-acting insecticidal powder that is supplied 'ready to use' in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. It is a broad-spectrum powder so can be used for the treatment of all kinds of crawling insects including wasps and cockroaches.

Vulcan is easy to use and can be applied to all types of surface where the insects rest, crawl or nest. It should be applied at between 10-25g per square meter meaning that this 4kg tub can treat between 160 and 400m2.

Application can be undertaken either by hand or with a powder applicator/sprayer. However, if applying to larger or to hard to reach areas, we recommend using a powder applicator/sprayer as this save you time and make your application more precise. For your convenience you can order just the powder alone or as part of a bundle with our 3-litre compression duster further details of which can be found here.

The insecticidal dust should be applied in a band to floors and next to skirting boards or where the floor and walls meet for the control of crawling insects. Apply as a spot treatment to cracks, crevices and other areas that provide cover for the insects.

For the control of fleas, apply as a fine surface dust to areas where pets may rest or sit. This is also applicable for the control of lice, ticks and mites.

For the treatment of wasp nests apply the powder to the nest itself or, if this is not possible, then to areas where the wasps will crawl. Ideally as close to the nest or access areas such as holes in roof spaces.

For ants, the dust should be applied directly to ant nests and their runs.

This product should be applied at a rate of 10-25g per m2.

"Very happy with my purchase, it arrived promptly and we successfully treated a wasps nest high up above our kitchen window with the 1.5m extended rod. Very satisfied customer thank you. Really helpful to have the combined products offered saving time searching website for what we needed for this treatment." F Shan, Oxfordshire