Kale 12 Compression Sprayer

Pressure regulator, 3 BAR maximum working pressure and an 8 litre working tank capacity.

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Our range of Kale compression sprayers, which includes models with 8, 6 and 4 litre tanks, has been developed to be used in a wide range of areas around the home & garden.

The high manufacturing standards, special designs and unique pressure regulator make the Kale sprayers one of the very best on the market for the home & garden user. This sprayer also comes with a PRESSURE REGULATOR which has proved to be a great success with our customers. Treatments can now be far more effective as the combination of the correct nozzle and the appropriate pressure allows for the correct amount of product to be used. This saves time, reduces water consumption and less effort is required as pressure pumping is only required when the spraying is cut-off. The pressure can be set at either 1.5bar (normally recommended for herbicides) or up to 3 bar (normally recommended for insecticides/fungicides).

In addition to all of this our sprayer comes with a three year guarantee.

  • Tank working volume - 8 litres
  • Tank capacity - 12 litres
  • Hose length - 1.3 metres
  • Working pressure - 3 bar
  • Pressure regulator and nozzle pack included
  • Spray lances - 2
  • Lance length - 0.65 metres plus extension lance 0.42 metres
  • Carry strap - shoulder/back carry
  • pH range - neutral (6-7)

Goizper Kale 12 Compression Sprayer


The Kale 12 compression sprayer has an 8-litre capacity tank with a 3 BAR maximum spraying pressure. It is packaged within a brightly coloured cardboard box with plenty of informative photos and basic information. The box could possibly be a little stronger but seems perfectly strong enough to both hold and give some protection to the sprayer.

I opened the box and was confronted with the tank handle which I pulled and lifted the sprayer from the packaging. There are obviously some loose items in the box so I emptied these as well and out came two lances, a packet of sprayer nozzles, shoulder strap, hose, lance handle and a pressure regulator (but more about this later). I mustn’t forget the instruction manual which gives you all the information you would require, including an exploded diagram giving part numbers should you require any replacement parts. I do have to say that I found some of the text and diagrams a little hard to read so a nice bright light is helpful when reading through the manual.

After skimming through the instruction manual, the assembly didn’t look too difficult. I started by attaching the hose to the base of the tank. This was easy as it only needed to be threaded into place as did the other end of the hose onto the lance handle. The two lances give you a choice of either using one length (430mm) or both which gives a lance length of 780mm. These easily attach to the lance handle and to each other. The nozzles just thread onto the end of the lance so, again, no problems with these. I am not a fan of the shoulder straps as they can be a pain to fit but, whilst a little fiddley, this one wasn’t hard and only took a short while to fit.

I was now ready to start spraying so I placed the tank on the floor and turned the tank handle anticlockwise and after a few turns pulled the central housing from the tank which allowed me to start filling. The design incorporates a nice wide filling neck so spillages should be easy to keep to a minimum. I managed to fill the tank with no issues, replaced the housing and gently tightened it. I pumped the tank handle around 20 times to bring it to full pressure and spraying was just as I would expect; a nice spray pattern was easily maintained. To release the pressure within the tank simply pull the small, grey pressure release valve.

Draining of the tank was easy as the hose it attached at the base so, if you wish, you can simply unscrew the hose and the tank will fully drain.

The Kale 12 is supplied with 2 little extras; a set of nozzles and a pressure regulator. The set of nozzles give you a full range of nozzles so that you can use the correct type for the spraying you are doing. This is a nice inclusion and very useful. The pressure regulator is, I think, very clever. Firstly, you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. The sprayer can be set up and used, perfectly well, without it however I would recommend using it. It is positioned between the lance handle and the first lance so everything threads into each other without any issues. In the ‘off’ position the sprayer works as normal but in the ‘on’ position the spray pressure is regulated at 1.5BAR which gives perfect spraying conditions for herbicide treatments and maximises the coverage of the tank contents. It also means that you can nearly empty a full tank without having to do any further pumping once you have reached the maximum pressure. The regulator is patented by the manufacturers and, I think, is a great addition to the sprayer.

Overall I think that the Kale range of compression sprayers are good quality units that, if looked after, will serve any owner well

You mention the pressure regulator, what does it do?

It allows you to regulate the pressure that the spray leaves the nozzle. With the regulator in the 'off' position, the sprayer will operate as normal with a 3 bar pressure. Switch the regulator 'on' and the pressure is reduced to 1.5 bar. This has several advantages; many herbicides and fungicides are better to be sprayed at 1.5 bar as it gives an optimum droplet size and the reduced pressure also increases the spray time between having to recompress the tank.

You give a pH range in the Product Specification for this sprayer, what does it mean?

The stated pH range is the recommended range for the liquids that you are using the sprayer to apply. The Kale range of sprayers are designed to be used with pH neutral (not aggressive) chemical solutions so most herbicides and fungicides and basic cleaning chemicals amongst other things. If you use chemicals that are aggressive or corrosive then you will cause damage to the internal workings of the sprayer.

If you want to spray this type of product then we have a full range of sprayers designed for the safe application of corrosive or aggressive chemical solutions with a pH range of 1-14. If you want any assistance, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I use this sprayer with your long telescopic lances?

The Kale 12 will attach directly to both our 5.4 metre and 3.2 metre telescopic lances without the requirement of any separate connectors.

In Product Specification you say that the sprayer can be carried on shoulder or back. Are there seperate straps?

No. The straps for the Kale 12 can be attached in different ways so that the tank can be carried over a shoulder or over both shoulders so that the tank sits on the operators back just as a knapsack sprayer would.

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