Cleanrun Pro 25kg

Lawn Weed and Feed Fertiliser that is very effective and economical for both domestic and professional use.

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Our granular weed and feed is a very effective lawn fertiliser that will also control most weeds and is ideal for both domestic and professional use.

Cleanrun Pro Weed and Feed 10 + 2 + 4 is a double-action, mini granular, compound fertiliser supplied in a large pack to cover professional areas, such as recreational parks, golf courses and sports pitches. Contains three selective herbicides for routine and heavy control of common broad-leaved weeds. All you need to do is spread the mix, as per the instructions, across your lawn and let nature do the rest. Apply ideally in spring and summer when broadleaved weeds are present (suggested April to September depending on climate).

This 25kg bag will give a coverage of around 714m2.

Apply to dry foliage. If no rain falls within 1-2 days, irrigation will aid dispersion. Ideally apply when light showers or heavy dews are expected. Do not cut grass for 3 days before and 4 days after application to allow the dispersion of granules. Avoid application during drought or frost. Do not apply to newly sown or turfed areas for 6 months. Avoid drift onto broadleaved plants outside the target area. Do not re-seed bare patches until 8 weeks after treatment. Avoid walking on treated areas until rain or irrigation. Do not carry out more than 3 applications per year. If using mowings as compost or mulch, do not use the first 4 mowings after treatment unless composted for 6 months.

Do I need a spreader for Cleanrun Pro?

Cleanrun Pro is a mini granular formulation however this doesn't mean that you must have a spreader to apply it. If you are applying to a small area, or breaking a large area in to manageable pieces, you can easily spread by hand. Remember to wear gloves (and wash your hands afterwards) and scatter in a 'cross-hatch' pattern meaning that you scatter left-right then up-down which means that there shouldn't be any areas that have missed their dose. Personally, I have always applied in this fashion and have found it easy, quick and effective.

What is the application rate?

Apply granules at the rate of 35 g/m2

How long does Cleanrun Pro last?

Longevity of action is 6 weeks. The condition of the lawn will last longer if cared for.