Atlas 4m hose and compression handle

Spray lance and pick-up hose allows you to spray liquid from any container. Spray up to 6 metres.

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The compression sprayer handle and 4 metre pick-up hose has been developed to be used in a wide range of areas including home & garden, industrial and construction.

This special design and unique dual compression system allows the sprayer range to reach up to six metres in height. The compression handle works a little like a bicycle pump allowing you to place the 4 metre pick-up hose in to any container and spray the liquid. The Atlas 4 metre compression extension handle is compatible with the Atlas 12 spraying unit however it may also be placed into the top of the tank of other sprayer or simply placed into a bucket, or other container, containing the desired solution to be sprayed.

  • Hose Length: 4 metres
  • Hose Material: Clear plastic
  • Pick Up Box: Stainless Steel
  • Handle: Black plastic
  • Supply: Boxed
  • Lance: Metal
  • Nozzle: Metal adjustable plus 2 x plastic options

At first glance, this sprayer doesn't seem to be of much use. This is exactly what I thought when I first saw it. What is the point of a sprayer that doesn't have a tank? Having used the unit, I have completely changed my mind and understand fully the reason why someone would want to use the Atlas 4 metre extension hose. The main point to this unit (or the USP if we want to use some trendy language) is that it allows you to spray a liquid from any container and up to a distance of 6 metres.

All you have to do is place the end of the 4 metre pick-up hose into your chosen container and pump the Atlas compression handle. That is it, nothing too fancy just spray the solution from a container and it is very effective. The only word of advice that I would give would be to use something that isn't going to easily fall over as the pick-up hose will obviously move as you move. Something with a nice wide base or a heavy base or, if you don't have anything then just place a weight into the container.

I would strongly recommend this sprayer unit for a high reach, when you don't want a sprayer tank or when you want the flexibility if being able to spray from any type of unit.

What type of materials can I spray? You can spray all types of liquid but you do want to keep to a viscosity close to water. Don't try to spray a very thick liquid and don't use the Atlas 1.3 for spraying high acid or alkaline solutions. It is ideal for spraying cleaning solutions or moss killers on to high surfaces or for treatments to trees or bushes.

How often do I have to move the handle? You have to move the hadle back and forth to pressurise the water thus to spray it. This is not hard work, there isn't a lot of resistance so you should not find it too tiring.

How far can I stand from the container? The length of hose is 4 metres which gives you plenty of flexibility with where you stand and allows you to walk around whilst spraying.

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