Marathon Sport Summer Lawn and Fairway Fertiliser 25kg


The lawn fertiliser for a lawn as perfect as the golf course! Summer version.

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Marathon Sport Summer is now discontinued. You can find our alternative product below to enable you to provide fresh summer colour to your garden.

Evolution our recommended replacement can be found here, Evolution Summer Lawn and Fairway Fertiliser 20kg

Use April to August. 25 - 35 g/m2

This special summer fertiliser has been created using a patented process that combines organic and mineral fractions together to achieve a steady and reliable release of nutrients, from the moment it is applied for an extended period of 8-12 weeks. Areas of use include golf tees, surrounds, fairways and approaches, sports pitches, racecourses and ornamental lawns.

Key points:

• Zero phosphate long release NK fertiliser

• Suitable as a summer fertiliser on soils with a high phosphourous and organic matter content

• Gives fast green-up

• No nitrate• No leaching due to organic buffer complex

  • Analysis: 10-0-15 +2MgO + 0.5Fe
  • Application Rate: 20 - 35g/m2
  • Pack Coverage: 714 - 1,250m2
  • Bags/Ha: 8 - 14
  • Product Longevity: 8 - 12 weeks
  • Granule Size: 2 - 4.5mm
  • Applied at 20g/m2N20:P0:K6
  • Applied at 35g/m2N35:P0:K52