Bugsi 360 Compression Sprayer

Robust hand sprayer with 1.5 litre fill capacity and designed to allow 360 degree spraying.

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This 1.5 litre hand sprayer has a very strong plastic moulded tank, NBR seals and an ergonomically designed handle that incorporates the pressure plunger, operating thumb button and pressure relief valve. The Bugsi 360 has a fully adjustable nozzle that allows you to change the spray pattern from a higher pressure jet to fine atomisation.

In addition to all of this the sprayer continues to spray when being held at every angle. So, you can spray holding the tank upright or, if you wish, you can hold the sprayer upside down which is especially handy when wanting to spray in a tight area or on the underside of a surface.

The NBR seals, which are fitted to this sprayer, allow for the spraying of pH neutral, non aggressive products which includes oils, greases and hydrocarbons especially within the auto industry. They will also allow for the spraying of non aggressive mild acidic and alkaline solutions all of which go to make this a very versatile sprayer and a very good addition to anyone's toolbox.

  • Filling Capacity - 1.5-litres
  • Sprayer Weight - 420g
  • Tank - Plastic
  • Seals - NBR
  • Nozzle - Plastic adjustable
  • Safety Valve - Included to prevent over pressurisation

What exactly does 360o spraying mean?

360o spraying means that the sprayer can function at any angle. This may just sound like a gimmick but it can be very handy when trying to spray in a tight area or spraying the underside of something such as plants or vehicles.

Is the filling capacity the amount of liquid the tank will hold?

Yes. The filling capacity of 1.5-litres is how much liquid the sprayer tank will hold and still be able to spray.

Is this the best hand sprayer within your range?

The Bugsi 360 is certainly a very good sprayer which is both robust and has a very high build quality that will suit most applications. However, if you need to spray aggressive or strong base or acidic chemical solutions then we recommend using sprayers from our Cleaner range which are designed for the application of such solutions.