Flori Compression Sprayer - 3 litre

The Flori Compact compression sprayer has 3 BAR working pressure and NBR seals.

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3 litre tank working capacity and a 1.3 metre hose mean that this is an ideal option for a sprayer to be used around the home and garden. NBR seals are long lasting and are designed to work with many, non corrosive, pH neutral chemical products.

This is the perfect sprayer for spraying your home garden and for spraying up to 3-metres from the ground. The 3-litre tank makes this a viable unit for small to medium sized gardens and it can be used with some of our extension wands/lances.

In addition to this, the Flori can be used with an air compressor. You would need to use either accessory 0649 or 0746 which takes the place of the sprayer pump handle and allows you to connect your Flori to a compressor which means that you would have a constant supply of compressed air.

  • Tank capacity - 4.2 litres
  • Tank working capacity - 3 litres
  • Tank Ullage - 1.2 litres
  • Working pressure - 3 bar
  • Unit weight - 1.3 kg
  • Tank construction - plastic, single piece construction
  • Carried by a shoulder strap
  • pH range - 7
  • Nozzle supplied - brass hollow cone 1.1mm (we offer a full range of nozzles and inserts)
  • Lance - plastic 370mm
  • Hose - 1.3 metres
  • Pump - 38mm plastic
  • Compressor Compatible with accessories 0649 or 0746.
  • Seals - NBR (Nitrile rubber) these seals have a high resistance to oils, greases and hydrocarbons. They are long lasting and have a high wear tolerance.

Our Mesto Flori is a compression sprayer with a choice of a 5 or 3-litre capacity yellow, polyethylene tank and a maximum spraying pressure of 3 BAR which gives a maximum flow rate of 1 litre per minute.

The first thing that I notice about the sprayers is that there is no box. The sprayers are wrapped in clear plastic which, whilst maybe not being the most striking of packaging, does seem to do the job perfectly well. The tank looks, and feels, robust and the hose, shoulder strap, lance handle and lance are all well packed around the tank and the clear wrapping holds everything nice and tight.

Removing the packaging allowed me to have a look at the information leaflet. Be careful when doing this as the information sheet is attached to the outside of the tank so pulling it away too quickly will tear it. The leaflet had all the information I felt that I needed; plenty of easy to follow assembly, usage and cleaning diagrams and plenty of (but not too many) words to explain everything.

Assembly looked easy enough, but I did have a quick look at the leaflet just to make that I wasn’t going to make any silly mistakes. There are only four parts to attach to the tank the shoulder strap, hose, lance handle and lance itself. The shoulder strap is fed through the two slots in the top section of the tank with the plastic buckle used to hold the ends and adjust the strap length. One TIP for you, feed the strap through the top of the first slot then up through the bottom second slot. This way you don’t have to remove the buckle from the strap. The lance is easily attached to the handle and the hose connects to the handle and base of tank. Another TIP, some may find the hose a little hard to push onto the fittings of the tank and handle. If you do, then simply dip the ends of the hose into hot water for a few moments and this will soften them making it far easier to attach them.

Having done all of that, I was ready to start spraying. I placed the tank on the floor and turned the tank handle anticlockwise and after a few turns pulled the central housing from the tank. The design incorporates a nice wide filling area so spillages should be kept to a minimum. I managed to fill the tank with no issues, replaced the housing and gently tightened it. I only needed to pump the tank handle a few times to bring it to full pressure and spraying was just as I would expect; a nice spray pattern was easily maintained. There are two differences between the 5 & 3-litre models; the first is obviously the size and volume of the tank and the second is the length of the lance. The lance for the Flori Compact measures around 420mm.

Once I had finished spraying, I needed to release the pressure within the tank and this was easily done by simply pulling the big, bright red release valve and a satisfying hiss lets you know that the pressure is being released.

I found the Flori sprayers to be good quality, general sprayers. The build quality is good and the design makes the sprayer an easy one to use. I would have no hesitation recommending these sprayers to those who want a low cost unit that is going to last and will put up with some harsh treatment. It must be remembered that these are designed to be basic, compression sprayers so are not intended to be used with harsh chemicals, will only handle 3 BAR of pressure and are limited on the extras that you can fit to them. But this should not detract from what are good, robust compression sprayers.

Is this sprayer big enough to use with your large telescopic lances?

We would recommend using a minimum of a 5 litre tank to use with either the Sprayer Extension Lance - 3.2-metres or the Sprayer Extension Long Lance - 5.4m. You have to remember that both of these lances has a coiled hose meaning that it is around 2 metres longer than the lance itself. This is quite a lot of hose to fill and the tank volume of this sprayer is only 3 litres. However, all is not lost as this sprayer can be used with many of our shorter extension lances and we recommend a maximum extension length of around 85cm. Please just contact us if you would like any help with selecting the most suited extension for your requirements.

What is the benefit of using an air compressor?

By connecting this sprayer to an air compressor you will have a constant supply of compressed air within the tank meaning that you don't have to stop spraying to fill your tank with air. We have a choice of two accessories for this sprayer, either 0649 or 0746 both of which replace the existing handle on your sprayer and allow you to connect to your compressor.

What does Tank Ullage mean?

Ullage is the name given to the gap between the maximum fill and the total tank capacity. It is important with sprayers as the larger the ullage is then the more space there is for compressed air. The more compressed air you have then the longer spraying time you have before you run out of pressure. This sprayer has an ullage of 1.2 litres which is quite good for a sprayer with this size of tank.

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