Herbi Compression Sprayer - 5 litre

5 litre capacity compression sprayer with NBR seals for the application of weed killers.

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The Herbi has a 5 litre working capacity a 1.3 metre hose and NBR seals that are long lasting and are designed to work with many, non corrosive, pH neutral chemical products. The Herbi sprayer is also supplied with a spray hood to reduce wasteful drift.

This sprayer has been designed for the application of weed killers which is the reason for the inclusion of the spray hood. The 5-litre tank makes this a viable unit for small to medium sized gardens and it can be used be used with some of our extension wands/lances.

In addition to this, the Herbi can be used with an air compressor by using either accessory 0649 or 0746 which takes the place of the sprayer pump handle and allows you to connect to a compressor meaning that you would have a constant supply of compressed air.

  • Tank capacity - 6.5 litres
  • Tank working capacity - 5 litres
  • Tank Ullage - 1.5 litres
  • Working pressure - 3 bar
  • Unit weight - 1.9 kg
  • Tank construction - plastic, single piece construction
  • Carried by a shoulder strap
  • pH range - 7
  • Nozzle supplied - brass hollow cone 1.1mm (we offer a full range of nozzles and inserts)
  • Lance - 500mm
  • Hose - 1.3 metres
  • Pump - plastic
  • Compressor Compatible with accessories 0649 or 0746.
  • Seals - NBR (Nitrile rubber) these seals have a high resistance to oils, greases and hydrocarbons. They are long lasting and have a high wear tolerance.

The HERBI sprayer is packed in a rigid and sturdy box, ensuring the protection of the contents. A list of the contents is included clearly on the side of the box, and the overall aesthetic of the packaging is pleasing on the eye. On the top of the box has been cut two holes, forming a handle. This allows for easy carrying of the sprayer when in its box.

As I open the box, I find that the contents are tightly packed, preventing damage to the components through mishandling of the package. These components are packed in such a way that many are visible upon opening the box, so I begin by pulling out each piece. Firstly, I find a conical hood. This is a simple piece of equipment which will fit to the end of the lance to aid direction of spraying. Next, I pull out the hose and trigger handle. These components are already connected, saving me the time and effort of doing so myself. The hose is 130cm (51 inches) in length, and is easily coiled to fit tightly in to the box. The handle is easily to use, with a simple trigger mechanism. The HERBI lance is plastic, and is approximately 45cm (17 inches) in length. I find the nozzle separate from the lance, and I simply screw the two pieces together. The length is then approximately 50cm (19 inches), and the nozzle remains rotatable 360°. This facilitates the spraying of difficult-to-reach areas. The nozzle itself sprays in a hollow cone pattern. I also find the strap in a small plastic bag within the box. The inclusion of this strap allows for the user to carry the tank on their shoulder when spraying. Although it initially looks tricky to fasten the carrying strap to the tank, there are step-by-step annotations included in the instruction manual, making the process simple. The instruction manual is comprehensive in nature, written in numerous languages. Annotations portray every step in assembling and operating the HERBI, and I find these clear when doing so myself. Also included is a leaflet covering metering and liquid distribution for plant treatment.

After leafing through the instruction manual, I pull out the tank. The green/yellow tank is unusual in colour, but I like it. The tank is light and is easily removed from the box using the handle. This handle is also used to unscrew the compression chamber. Again, this is easy to do. The design of the tank is not only visually stimulating, but also functional. Filling the chamber to the desired level is facilitated by the inclusion of level indicators on the rear of the tank. I also find a red pressure release valve and two positions to hold the lance.

As I have already connected the nozzle to the lance, assembling the rest of the sprayer is incredibly simple. The hose connects to the front of the base of the tank, and the lance connects to the trigger handle, both with simple screw mechanisms. This assembly is simple but, should one encounter any difficulty, there are clear instructions in the manual.

This Herbi sprayer is supplied with a spray hood, will this hood fit any other sprayers?

The spray hood that is supplied with this Herbi sprayer will fit other sprayers within our Mesto range such as the Pico, Veris, Flori and Flori Compact sprayers however the hood is fitted to the Herbi as the sprayer has been developed with for the application of weedkillers.

I want to spray my weed killer at a constant pressure. What can I do?

Many herbicides have an optimum spray pressure to maximise the droplet size thus the efficiency of the product. With most compression sprayers there is no way to be certain of the spray pressure however the Herbi can be used with our Constant Flow Valves that allow you to spray at either 1, 1.5 or 2bar. They are easily attached to your sprayer and will make your spraying quicker and more effective.

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