Mesto Metal Compression Sprayer - 10 litre

Steel tank, 6 BAR maximum spraying pressure, 2.5 metre hose and NBR seals.

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This is a high-quality compression sprayer with a polyester coated steel tank that that allows for a maximum working pressure of 6 bar.

The high strength metal tank allows for a higher, than normal, maximum working pressure which enables products with a higher viscosity to be sprayed or products which are stipulated to be applied at pressures more than 3 bar. The steel construction also allows for liquids of up to 50oC and is far more robust than a tank constructed from plastic.

As well as a pressure gauge, so that you can see the pressure within the tank, this tank can be connected to & filled from a compressor meaning that you can have a constantly pressurised sprayer. To connect to your compressor you will need to use either:

Another bonus with a 6bar sprayer is that if it is used together with our CONSTANT FLOW VALVES you will have a much longer spray time before having to stop work and pressurise the tank. We have a range of 3 Constant Flow Valves which limit the spraying pressure to 1, 1.5 or 2bar. With a potential maximum of 6bar within the tank you can see how your spray time can be increased when the exit pressure is restricted.

  • Tank capacity - 13-litres
  • Tank working capacity - 10-litres
  • Tank Ullage - 3-litres
  • Maximum working pressure - 6 bar
  • Unit weight - 5.5 kg
  • Tank construction - steel
  • Carried by a shoulder strap
  • pH range - 7
  • Nozzle supplied - brass hollow cone 1.1mm (we offer a full range of nozzles and inserts)
  • Lance - brass 500mm
  • Hose - 2.5 recoil hose with safety interlock to tank
  • Pump - 38mm brass
  • Seals - NBR (Nitrile rubber) these seals have a high resistance to oils, greases and hydrocarbons. They are long lasting and have a high wear tolerance.


  1. Transport Trolley allows you to mount the sprayer on wheels
  2. Compressed Air Filler Valve allows the tank to be filled with compressed air

Can I use this sprayer with your 5.4-metre telescopic lance?

Yes. This sprayer can be attached to all of the telescopic lances (and other lances) within our range. If you want to use it with the 5.4-metre telescopic lance but you will need the Flexible Connecting Hose to connect the two items.

What are the benefits of a steel sprayer over a plastic sprayer?

A steel sprayer allows you to work up to an internal pressure of 6 bar as opposed to 3 bar with the plastic sprayers so spraying oil, grease and some paints is possible but wouldn't be with a plastic tank. The steel sprayer also allows for higher internal temperatures and is far more robust than a plastic tank.

What are NBR seals and why are they different to anything else?

Our higher standard sprayers will all be listed with the type of seals that they contain. This information can be important to some users as different chemicals will require a different type of seal as using an incorrect seal could result in leaking and potential damage. This sprayer is fitted with NBR seals which a Nitrile rubber. NBR seals have a high resistance to most oils, greases and hydrocarbons and should be used with non-corrosive chemicals or solutions. They are also long lasting and have a high wear tolerance.

Why would I use a Constant Flow Valve with this sprayer?

The Constant Flow Valves give a number of benefits for the user; firstly they guarantee a constant spray pressure which gives an even spray pattern which is the most economic way to spray as it means that everywhere receives the same amount of spray opposed to some areas having heavy spray and others very little. Secondly, the flow valves lengthen the spray time meaning less time wasted having to re-pressurise your tank.

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