HYDROCLEAN is a moss killer & water repellent/sealer in one product.

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Hydroclean (formerly known as Hydromoss) is a very effective dual action mosskiller and water repellent/sealant, that will kill growth & spores as well as inhibit the re-growth.

As it is a dual purpose killer and sealant, we recommend that it is not used as a stand alone killer for heavy areas of moss growth. This is because once applied it will kill the growth but, when this is removed, the preventative properties of the Hydroclean will also be removed from the area.

The initial killing of heavy growth is far better done by using either Baticlean CR or Batiface and once the area is clear then Hydroclean should be applied or Hydrosil BS. Hydroclean is perfect on new surfaces or areas where growth has yet to appear. In these instances Hydroclean can be applied directly to the surfaces where it will kill growth & spores and seal the area, leaving a protective layer that will help to prevent rain penetration and inhibit the regrowth of moss and plants.

For more advice and help with killing moss on all different types of surface please see our CLEANING ADVICE pages. However please feel free to CONTACT US if you have any questions.

Please use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Hydroclean should be applied by spray and left to act. Due to its sealant properties, one litre of Hydroclean will cover approx 1-3m2 depending on porosity of surface.

If the case of heavy moss growth or staining the use of Baticlean CR or Batiface will give a complete new look before sealing the area from further issues.

Can I use Hydroclean on my roof?

Yes, Hydroclean can be used on all types of roofing materials apart from thatch.

Can I use Hydroclean to kill moss?

Yes, you can use Hydroclean to kill moss however you must remember that the product has two properties, so we don't recommend using on heavy growth. As Hydroseal is both a killer AND a surface sealant, if it is applied to an area of heavy moss once the moss has died you will want to brush it away or allow nature to clear the surface. The only problem is that the sealant will be held within the moss therefore will be removed along with the moss. It is for this reason that we recommend the application of Hydroclean to a surface that has been cleared of heavy growth or has yet to show signs of moss growth.

What is the point is applying a moss killer to a surface if the moss has already been removed?

Whilst we may not be able to see moss, the spores will be across the surface and are landing on the surface for large parts of the year. Therefore, applying Hydroclean to such a surface will kill these spores and help to inhibit re-growth.