Netphos 50 Gel - 5kg

Remove rust, passivate and degrease metal without harming the surface material.

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Netphos 50 Gel is a thixotropic gel for the cleaning, degreasing, deoxidising and passivation of bare ferrous surfaces or general metallic surfaces coated with either liquid or powder paints. It will remove the black marks caused to painted metals when being soldered, welded or cut as well as removing traces of corrosion from painted surfaces without damaging the paint.

Netphos 50 Gel can also be used to de-rust mechanical parts giving them a surface that is perfect for the adherence of paint. Treated surfaces are also neutrailsed and can remain without protection for several weeks without risk of corrosion. Due its composition, Netphos 50 Gel allows for the de-rusting and passivation of greasy parts and surfaces so can be used effectively on-site such as on oil rigs and wind turbines, shipping and aerial platforms. As well as the treatment of metal, as already described, Netphos 50 Gel can be used to generally clean the area surrounding treated sections. This is especially helpful when treating areas prior to painting.

As with all of our products we strongly recommend a surface compatibility test on a small area prior to the commencement of large scale treatment.

  • Apprearance - light gel
  • Density - 1.240
  • Odour - lightly pigmented
  • Flashpoint - n/a
  • pH - 2.2 +/-0.5
  • Thickness of applied film - 250-600 microns
  • Thixotropic gel
  • Supplied ready to use
  • Easy to apply and rinse
  • Does not contain solvents, fluorinated or chrome products
  • No VOC emissions
  • Complies with all HSE demands
  • Very high biodegradability (>93% in less than 10 days)
  • No need to heat as works at ambient temperature
  • Low contact time

For general degreasing, Netphos 50 Gel should be applied to the surface and after 3-5 minutes rinsed. Rinsing can be with town water.

On oxidised surfaces, stainless steel, raw steel or painted surfaces a film of 250-600 microns should be applied either with a brush, roller or low pressure sprayer. Contact time will vary depending upon the degree of rusting:

  • Low corrosion or dirt - 30-50 minutes at 18-20oC
  • Average corrosion or dirt - 2-4 hours at 18-20oC
  • High corrosion or dirt - 8-12 hours at 18-20oC

Rinse the surface with high pressure or general spray and dry before recovering/painting.

For non-ferrous metals (aluminium, galvanised surfaces, brass, zamak) contact time should be no longer than 30-minutes.

Any application equipment should be made from either stainless steel or acidic resistant plastic.

Operators should use gloves and glasses that are resistant to professional quality acidic products.

What do you mean by town water?

With Netphos 50 Gel, there is not a requirement to rinse with deminerialised water so normal water from your tap will suffice. This is what we mean when we say town water.

You have given a temperature for the usage, what happens if it is colder?

We have to give an idea of working times and this is dependent upon temperature so if it is colder than we have given then it may require a slightly longer contact time to complete the cleaning. If the temperature is higher than stated then the Netphos 50 Gel may work quicker.

Can this be used on my patio?

Yes, Netphos 50 can be used on a variety of surfaces including tiles and concrete where it can help to remove rust marks. It can also be used to remove rust staining on brickwork.

How have you cleaned the item in the photos?

This is an old wood burner that, as you can see, had a lot of surface rust. We applied the Netphos 50 Gel with a brush and allowed it to act for around an hour. To rise we just used running water and a stiff brush and got the results that the photos show. Given the intricate edging it would have been easier to rinse with a small pressure washer as that would have been able to get right into the difficult areas very quickly however rinsing/brushing still only took a couple of minutes. Remember that the metal surface is now not just rust free but it is also ready to be painted.