Cleaner Fix Plus 5-litre

Entry level sprayer within our CLEANER range for mild acidic and neutral products.

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Each £35·40 exc VAT
Total £35·40 exc VAT
Total £42·48 inc VAT

This 5 litre sprayer is the first unit in our CLEANER range which is specifically designed for the application of a wide range of chemical products normally used by cleaning professionals for an extensive range of applications.

The Cleaner Fix Plus is supplied with a 2 metre clear plastic hose with an integral micro filter. The textured plastic lever handle also has an integral filter and the 50cm spray wand is fitted with a flat jet nozzle that can be rotated around 3600 helping you to reach into all types of areas.

The spray wand can be extended by a further 45cm with our Cleaner Extension Lance. You can also adapt your sprayer to connect to an air compressor and have a constant supply of air without having to compress the tank yourself with our Compressed Air Handle.

  • Total tank volume - 7 litres
  • Working tank volume - 5 litres
  • Operating pressure - 3bar
  • Sprayer weight - 1.7kg
  • Carried on a shoulder strap
  • Flow rate - 0.78 l/min @ 3bar
  • Tank construction - plastic
  • pH range - 4-7
  • Nozzle - flat jet supplied (we carry a full range of additional nozzles)
  • Hose length - 2 metres
  • Spray wand - 500mm
  • Seals - FPM (synthetic rubber with high elasticity properties which makes it a very good product for the protection of seals and O-rings. FPM seals are are highly resistant to hydrocarbons, oils, strong acids, aromatic and chlorinated solvents and has a high temperature resistance)

You state that this is the entry level sprayer in the Cleaner range, but it seems to be almost the same as the other Cleaner sprayers. What is the difference?

This sprayer is very similar to the other sprayers within the Cleaner range but it does differ in a number of areas. The pH range for the Fix Plus is 4-7 whilst the standard Cleaner sprayers (also with FPM seals) can handle a pH range of 1-9. It has a slightly different nozzle from the Cleaner sprayers, a basic filter within the handle compared to a full double filter and a plastic piston rod where as the Cleaner sprayers have a coated steel piston rod.

These are some of the reasons why the Fix Plus is the entry level unit within the Cleaner range however it is a Cleaner sprayer meaning that it can handle more aggresive chemicals than many other of our sprayers.

If the Fix Plus has FPM seals why can't it handle the same pH and the other Cleaner sprayers with the same seals?

Piston Rods. The 'full' cleaner sprayers have a coated steel piston rod compared to a plastic rod with the Fix Plus which means that it is not as hard wearing and could become damaged with a more extreme pH.

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