Polyester Bevel Brush For Grass Strimmer

Easy to attach to a strimmer (or trimmer) for the removal of weeds, grass and other waste on all types of hard surface

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Each £42·39 exc VAT
Total £42·39 exc VAT
Total £50·87 inc VAT

This is a very high quality brushing head that is easily attached to your trimmer for the fast and complete removal of all types of growth including weeds, soil and grass from hard surfaces.

Each of these brushes is fitted with over 370 ribbed polyester bristles that measure approximately 80mm in length and 3mm diameter. The length of the bristles ensure that they are stiff enough to be effective but not too stiff that they cause scratching to decorative mineral surfaces or other sensitive surfaces. The ribbed bristles are more efficient than the standard round bristle therefore your cleaning will be quick and easy when compared to brush heads of a standard design.

Not only is this polyester brush the better option when cleaning sensitive surfaces but the lower weight of 450g (compared to our metal brushing heads) means that they are better suited for battery powered machines.

We have two size options; the bore is the same for both models however the diameter measurement is the internal diameter of the bristles at their widest point.

  • Bristle Material - Polyester
  • Brush Head - Stainless Steel
  • Weight - 450g - 500g depending upon model
  • Internal Bore - 25.4mm
  • Bristle Diameter internal/external - 160mm/195mm (230mm/270mm)
  • Brush Height - 80mm (90mm)
  • Maximum RPM - 10,000

These conical brushes are a special tool that can be used with all standard grass strimmers, trimmers and cutters for cleaning purposes on such surfaces as driveways, patios and road curbs or for the removal of weeds and dust/soil from other surface areas. We do not recommend using these brushes for any other use.

There are a number of possible risks to both the environment and people:

  • Noise and dust
  • Possibility of cuts
  • Kickback when touching walls, fences, trees and other fixed objects
  • Not fitting the brush as per instructions
  • Flying objects

Flying objects, such as stones or twigs, can cause harm to either people or property so we recommend extreme caution when operating near cars, widows, doors etc and keeping people a safe distance (15-metres) from the site of operation.