Pressure Spray Powder Duster 3 or 7 litre

A sprayer for powder or dust for a steady flow without risk of blockages. 3 or 7 litre capacity.

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Each £55·00 exc VAT
Total £55·00 exc VAT
Total £66·00 inc VAT

This pressure spray duster is of high quality and is an economical powder and dust sprayer which provides a steady flow of dust or powder minimising the risk of blockages. A 3 litre bottle with strap makes it ideal for use when on ladders and in small loft spaces.

Working capacity: 3 or 7 litres

Hose: 1.2 metres

Trigger release valve - best quality plastic

20cm dust lance

Pressure release valve

Accessories available: 1 and 1.5 metre extension lances for high positions such as wasp and bees nests.

"Very happy with my purchase, it arrived promptly and we successfully treated a wasps nest high up above our kitchen window with the 1.5m extended rod. Very satisfied customer thank you. Really helpful to have the combined products offered saving time searching website for what we needed for this treatment." F Shan, Oxfordshire

What if I can't reach the Wasp Nest?

This unit is compatible with our powder extension lances.

Can your extension lances be used together?

Yes if you need an extra long reach we would advise you to join 2 or 3 of these lances together.