Cleaner Sprayer Acid - 1.5 litre

Versatile pressure sprayer from our Cleaner range, with FPM seals for mild acid and neutral chemical products.

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Each £16·45 exc VAT
Total £16·45 exc VAT
Total £19·74 inc VAT

This is the smallest tank size within our Cleaner range of compression sprayers. FPM seals and coated internal working parts mean that this unit will enable you to use strong acidic products through to neutral products. The sprayer also has an adjustable nozzle so that you can change the spray pattern from a single jet to an atomised spray.

  • Working capacity - 1.5 litres
  • Working pressure - 3 bar
  • Unit weight - 480g
  • Tank - opaque plastic
  • pH - 1-9
  • Nozzle - adjustable plastic
  • Pump - piston nylon
  • Seals - FPM (synthetic rubber with high elasticity properties which makes it a very good product for the protection of seals and O-rings. FPM seals are highly resistant to hydrocarbons, oils, strong acids, aromatic and chlorinated solvents and has a high temperature resistance)

You state that the sprayer will handle pH 1-9 but then say that we should check compatibility. Why?

The Cleaner sprayer is fitted with FPM seals and has a coated steel piston rod which are all designed to work with chemical solutions within the pH range of 1-9 however the pH of a product is not the whole story when it comes to compatibility. Some acids, oils and solvents can react in ways that would be detrimental to the sprayer so, if you are uncertain as to the compatibility of a product then just contact us and we will check which of the sprayers within our range would be the ideal unit should this Cleaner sprayer not be compatible.

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