Profi Plus Hand Sprayer

High chemical resistance and a closed pump head to avoid chemical contamination together with a 1.5-litre capacity.

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This hand sprayer is the perfect helper for professional and home users alike. It offers plenty of comfort, a pump protection cap to improve chemical resistance and a flat jet nozzle for economical liquid distribution.

The smallest sprayer in our Profi Plus range this unit has a 1.5-litre fill capacity, FPM seals that offer good acidic chemical resistance and a nylon/Polyamides pump that is both durable and very strong. Especially useful within the construction due to its strength, comfort and resistance, qualities that make it perfect for the general user as well.

The sprayer stands 320mm high but has an impressive 135mm base which makes it very stable when placed on the ground. The yellow tank has a viewing strip and is volume marked so that you can be sure you are filling to the required level.

  • Tank capacity - 1.5 litres
  • Working pressure - 3 bar
  • Unit weight - 550g
  • 52mm opening for easy fill
  • Tank construction - plastic, single piece construction
  • pH range - 5-7
  • Nozzle supplied - plastic flat jet with 80o spray angle
  • Pump - nylon, Polyamides (high strength, rigidity and durability)
  • Seals - FPM - Synthetic rubber with high elasticity properties which makes it a very good product for the protection of seals and O-rings. FPM seals are are highly resistant to hydrocarbons, oils, strong acids, aromatic and chlorinated solvents and has a high temperature resistance.