Pyrethrum 5EC

Organic insecticide made from Chrysanthemum flowers for use against a wide range of pests.

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This organic pest control is approved for use against a wide range of pests including Spotted Winged Drosophila (SWD), greenfly, whitefly, blackfly, thrips, flea beetle, aphids and caterpillars.

The Chrysanthemum flower contains Pyrethrum which has long been used as an insect deterrent as it is, in small doses, safe for humans but lethal to bugs. Pyrethrum 5EC is for use on all soft fruit, top fruit, vegetable crops, salad crops and ornamental in indoor and outdoor growing systems with no limit on the number of applications in the growing season.

Pyrethrum is a natural substance purified from chrysanthemum flowers. Chrysanthemum flowers have been available in Europe for over 150 years and in their powdered form were used as louse and flea powders.

Pyrethrum 5EC can be applied throughout the season at seven day intervals with crops able to be harvested 24 hours after application.

Contains: 5% w/v pyrethrins synergised with piperonyl butoxide (PBO).
Control: Resting flying and crawling insects.
Application: Compression sprayer/knapsack sprayer and tractor mounted boom sprayer.
Dilution rate: 20ml per 5-litres of water.

For commercial users: Pyrethrum 5EC should be used at a concentration of 0.02% and applied at a maximum rate of 275-litres per hectare for outdoor crops, and 600-litres per hectare for crops grown under cover.

Can I use this insecticide in my knapsack sprayer?

Yes you can use this product in your knapsack sprayer. Dilute at a rate of 20ml to 5-litres of water and rinse the container well with water after use.