Quartz 3KG Powder

General insect control for in and around the farm and buildings

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Quartz 3kg contains Azamethiphos which is a new active ingredient now available to the UK pest controller.

Well known for the speed and control of insects in the most difficult environments. Proving to be successful in livestock and poultry housing.

It is also perfect for use on difficult surfaces such as where providing a long lasting deterrent quality is needed. After use do not rinse but leave on the surface for further protection. Can be used in crevices and cracks including skirting, crevices and plug sockets.

Azamethiphos is a new molecule and supports the control of bedbugs, fleas and cockroaches. that could potentially be resistant to other families of active ingredients.

Targeted control of pests in the home and farm

Directions for use:

Wasp and Hornet Nests: Apply 50g directly into the nest using a compressed air spreader. Apply primarily to the nest entrance. Repeat the treatment if necessary, especially after rain. Only spot treatments are allowed. Wear protective clothing to avoid stings.

Ants: Apply 10g directly to the ant’s nest, run or areas of high activity – this must be a direct application and not scattered. Treated areas must be protected from rainfall, if unprotected then re-application may be necessary.

Bedbugs, Fleas & Cockroaches: Apply 15g per square metre to infested areas such as cracks, crevices and where pests reside. Bedbugs: Apply Quartz to bedframes, cracks, crevices, walls, floor areas (carpets) and furniture. Do not apply to mattresses, bedding or soft furnishings.

Fleas: Apply Quartz to cracks, crevices, walls, floor areas (carpets) and furniture. Remove the old pet bedding and replace with new. Do not use on bedding or soft furnishings. Cockroaches: Apply Quartz to all areas where activity is found such as cracks, crevices, other hiding places and runways. Do not apply to soft furnishings. Repeat treatment as necessary to maintain adequate control.

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