Raspberry Beetle Trap

Raspberry Beetle Trap with pheromone lure

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As raspberry beetles mainly use vision and smell, they are attracted to the trap by the incorporated attractant lure and the colour of cross vanes. The beetles then fly into the cross vane, fall into the catchment area and down into the holding bucket.

Eggs are laid on the raspberry flowers and hatch into larvae. The larvae then feed on the fruit. Adult beetles can also feed on the plant leaves and flowers.

Placing these traps can act as a monitoring device to reduce crop damage and to improve the timing and efficacy of spray treatments.

Traps should be hung about 1m off the ground. They should be set up 4-6 weeks before the first flower, usually April-July.

Each lure lasts around 6 weeks - replacement lures can be found here.

How to use our traps for raspberry beetles.

A sustainable chemical free solution.


  1. Traps should be hung 1m above the ground
  2. Set up 4-6 weeks before the first flower, normally April-July
  3. Each lure lasts 6 weeks.
  4. A second lure can be used for extended seasons or autumn fruits.
  5. Attracts beetles by the colour and smell of the trap.
  6. Each trap protects around 50 m2
  7. Only the correct pheromone lure should be used with this trap.