Rondo Turbo 5 litre

Water conditioner for all types of foliage spraying including weed killers. Contains acid buffers, water softeners, surfactant, anti-foam and Ammonium Sulphate.

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Each £18·50 exc VAT
Total £18·50 exc VAT
Total £22·20 inc VAT

This is a highly concentrated combination of liquid Ammonium Sulphate based water and plant conditioner with acid regulators, water softening and anti foaming agents as well as surfactants.

When used in conjunction with our glyphosate weed killers, Rondo Turbo will, specifically reduce the impact of hard water and improve the uptake and effectiveness of the main chemical.

Basically, using Rondo Turbo improves the effectiveness of your weed killer and is only used at a concentration of 0.4% of the total spraying volume.