Hydrosil BS

HYDROSIL BS is a water repellent to seal roofs and walls from water ingress allowing surfaces to breathe. Prevents moss and algae growth.

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Hydrosil BS is specifically designed for the protection of roof tiles, brick or concrete walls and all other mineral surfaces. HydroSil BS will protect surfaces from water ingress, inhibits the re-growth of moss and algae, reduces discolouration, prevents salt blooming on brickwork and reduces the collection of atmospheric dirt.

HydroSil BS consists of ultra fine particles, measured in the millionth of a millimetre. Its special composition enables it to actively bind to mineral surfaces thus providing long-term protection. As HydroSil BS is water-based, it is very easily absorbed into surfaces and does not give off harmful or solvent vapours.

Available in 5L, 10L and 20L containers.

HydroSil BS should be applied directly to a clean and dry surface. Apply with a brush, roller, garden sprayer or low pressure spray. One treatment is sufficient for most surfaces however, if required, a second treatment should be undertaken within an hour of the first. This will ensure that the second coat is fully absorbed together with the first. The surface will be dry in approximately 1 hour. Clean utensils well after use using soapy water immediately after use or use our Proclean solution.

1 litre covers between 4 - 5 m2 depending upon porosity of surface.

Store in a dry, frost free area and out of the reach of children.

How does Hydrosil BS keep a building clean?

Hydrosil BS is formulated to be easily absorbed into mineral surfaces. This will have a number of beneficial effects one of which is that less water will be absorbed into the surface meaning that water (rainwater) run-off will be quicker which will wash more atmospheric dirt from the surface keeping areas clean.

I have moss on my roof, when should I apply Hydrosil BS?

We recommend applying the Hydrosil BS once you have cleaned the roof. Hydrosil BS is not a moss killer but will help to prevent re-growth therefore attend to the moss killing and clearing of your roof then apply the Hydrosil BS to a dry surface.

We have a number of specialist moss killing products such as Batiface, Baticlean CR and Batifort which will enable you to kill any moss.

What is the difference between Hydrosil BS and Hydroclean?

Hydrosil BS is a surface sealant and Hydroclean is a moss killer & surface sealant in one product.