Spray Pattern Indicator

Spray indicator allows you to see where you have sprayed. No more areas missed or applying to the same area twice.

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See where you have sprayed our moss and weed killers with a temporary blue dye additive. All you need to do is add this marker to your spraying solution and spray as normal. It will leave a faint blue stain on the surface to show you where you have sprayed. DON'T WORRY, the stain is only faint and it fades over a very short period of time so you will not be left with a blue patio or lawn.

Adding this to your solution will save you from spraying over the same area more than once or missing areas completely.

This is a 1 litre container. As the rate is 1 to 2.5ml per litre then it can be used in up to 1000 litres of solution.