Wire Broom & Handle (short bristle)

Wooden stock with 35mm wire bristles & supplied with handle.

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Each £9·95 exc VAT
Total £9·95 exc VAT
Total £11·94 inc VAT

This is a very popular item within our range of specialist brushes. The solid wooden stock measures 220mm x 60mm and, as can be seen in the photos, holds 6 rows of steel wire bristles each of which are 35mm long.

This wire broom is ideal for sweeping roofs, brickwork, metal and other surfaces that require brushing prior to the removal of moss, algae and lichen. This broom is especially good for clearing Tarmac surfaces and removing moss before application of a moss killer. This product differs from our standard Wire Broom & Handle as the bristles are 35mm long compared to the 70mm bristles on the Wire Broom & Handle.

The wooden stock is pre-drilled to receive the wooden handle. As there can occasionally be very slight variances in the diameter of the handles, some light sanding may be required to ensure a smooth finish and fit into the broom head.

Will this broom damage the surface I am sweeping?

This is a wire broom and as such could cause scratching to delicate surfaces. However there aren't too many delicate surfaces that are used for flooring so this broom can be used on most types of external surfaces including concrete, tile, brick, patio slabs and tarmac.